About Us

Finding a vehicle that fits your needs can be a challange. Simple Auto Finance can put you in a vehicle that fits your budget even if you have bad credit.Our financial specialists know how to get right-fit financing for real, hard-working people like you. We pair you with financial specialists so you get that one-on-one attention and the car loan that's right for you - that makes the Simple Auto Finance difference!

We value your time and aim to make the loan-approval process as quick and easy as possible.

Our specialty is finding the financial plan that works - for you. While others say no, we say yes!

I'm a car dealer that works FOR THE PEOPLE. I believe we're all created equal and everyone deserves a second chance regardless of their past credit history.

Things are tough these days especially in Dallas TX. I understand where you are and the challenges you are facing. Don't do it alone. I can help

In fact, helping people with credit issues get approved for the car they want is what I do everyday. Its what I specialize in.

My "For The People Credit Approval Program" virtually guarantees you can be approved and driving home in a nicer, newer vehicle regardless of credit problems you've had in the past. The process is easy, painless and starts right now. There's no embarrassment or harassment and I won't sell your information to anyone.