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Simple Auto Finance knows that life doesn’t always go according to plan.  But that shouldn’t stop you from getting the vehicle you need to move forward and make your dreams reality.   Our goal is to get you into car that meets your needs and provides you a car buying experience like no other.  Here’s how we do it:

Easy Auto Financing at Simple Auto Finance


Our finance specialists do more than put you into a vehicle. We help you improve your financial health. Just like personal-fitness trainers, we sometimes say what you need to hear instead of what you want to hear. If you listen, you will find yourself able to afford a vehicle. We specialize in custom-made financing that puts YOUR needs first, unlike dealers who put their wants first.

Deal Structure

Finance Specialists get a salary at Simple Auto Finance. Why does this matter to you? Dealerships traditionally pay salespeople by commission. The more extra items they can sell, the more money they make. Does this sound like putting the buyer’s situation first? No. Also, many dealers’ financing comes from outside the dealership. They don’t get hurt when they’ve sold you more vehicle than you can afford. They don’t get hurt when you lose your vehicle. You get hurt. Our success depends on you getting vehicle financing that fits your budget. Our Financial Specialists are equal partners with real people like you. That’s why you won’t feel pushed into something you can’t afford. We only win if you win, too.


Creating a custom deal package that fits your budget, may involve looking at additional income sources that others may not have investigated. When filling out the credit application take extra time to explain/define all sources of income. This will allow the Financing Specialist to represent your current financial situation accurately. Any additional information on income sources the Finance Specialist may have not mentioned please request that it be considered in the income sources. If the Credit Accelerator or the Application Form does not contain enough space for income sources contact a Financial Specialist at 214-778-1112. A Financial Specialist will give you more details if that source is not acceptable. Next, Simple Auto Finance will need documentation in order to properly investigate the income sources. We understand that purchasing a vehicle can be stressful and many times a person may not have properly represented an income source. If this is the case or your situation has changed for instance a job change. Contact the Finance Representatives at Simple Auto Finance to review the change.


Simple Auto Finance has in-house financing for real, hard-working people. We don’t sell your loan to third-party services that don’t care about your real-world circumstances. We specialize in real-world circumstances. We know how to help you find solutions that fit your life.

Full Service

Simple Auto Finance understands that if you needed help to buy a car, you may need a hand when it’s time for unexpected repairs. Our finance specialists can match you with a financing plan to cover those unexpected repairs. We do expect you to keep up with everyday maintenance such as oil changes, brake pad replacement, lubrication, standard transmission fluid changes, and seasonal coolant levels.  Learn more about our Multi-point Inspection»



  • Elijah was very helpful.  He explained everything perfectly.  Any questions?  He had the answers to them.  He was very friendly and he made SURE I understood everything we went over.  He is the best!  I really enjoyed the service.  He mad my day!Michelle Motsinger-Page
  • I had a very nice experience…very understanding, helpful and pleasant.


    James Meskill
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