5 Summer Upgrades for Your Car   Jun 11th, 2018 

It’s summertime in Texas! Why not upgrade your ride with some cool gadgets to maximize summertime fun? Continue reading to learn some of the coolest summer gadgets of 2018!




It seems like there are cameras everywhere today, and there is no better place to put one than on your dash. If something exciting or dangerous happens while you are driving, the dash cam will catch all the action. You can use this as evidence in case of a crash, traffic stop or a crime, or simply catch an unexpected bit of crazy video and become a social media sensation.  Dash cam kits are generally easy to install, with suction cups that simply mount on the windshield and a USB or 12v power port plug for power.   



SUV Air Bed

Turn the cargo area of your SUV into a comfortable air bed with the HUAXININ SUV air mattress. This form fitting SUV mattress has a built-in pillow that rests against the back of your front seats and raised bumpers on the side so you won't wake up with a face full of hard plastic. The SUV air bed easily stores away until the next time you need to hit the hay.



Electronic Parking Guide

Wire up the Precision Parking Park-Zone system and get audible warnings before you hit an obstacle or another car. Great for parallel parking on jammed up streets.



Travel Cooler

Black & Decker makes a truly cool summer accessory; an electrically refrigerated cooler that doubles as an arm rest and cup holder. Just set it in your car, plug it into a 12-volt plug and you have instant refrigeration for your drinking pleasure.


Volt Humidifier

Your air conditioning is constantly drying the air in your car, which can be irritating. Nanum has created a 12-volt powered car humidifier that washes odors, dust, and bacteria from the air while adding comforting humidity. Add a couple of drops of your favorite essential oils to fill the air with your aroma of choice.



If your tired of your car, you can also always swing by Simple Auto! We will hook you up with a great quality used vehicle, no matter what your credit score is!

What is a Buy Here Pay Here?   May 16th, 2018 

Are you looking for a new ride, but have challenged credit? No big deal, here at Simple Auto Finance, we are happy to help! We are a Buy Here Pay Here Establishment dedicated to helping the hardworking people of Texas. Not sure what a Buy Here Pay Here is? Just continue reading to find out! 

What Is a Buy Here Pay Here? 

While some car dealers use third party lenders who are not willing to work with customers who have less than great credit ratings, others choose to manage their own financing in house. That’s exactly what we do here at Simple Auto Finance! 

This creates a lending situation known as buy here pay here. You are not dealing with a faceless entity that is sitting in some big city hundreds of miles away. Instead, you are working with the person who is sitting across the desk!

Buy here pay here loans tend to focus on a few basic criteria. You will need proof of income, such as your most recent paycheck stub. If you happen to be self-employed, your last set of income tax returns or possibly a report created using your accounting software will do the trick.

Along with proof of your income, you will also need some documents to show that you do have a permanent residence. A utility bill or two will often be enough to provide the proof that you need.

You don’t have to make do with a car that is no longer meeting your needs. If you’re in Texas, make sure to take a look at our inventory. We will do our absolute best to find you a great quality car for an even better price! 

Why Choose Simple Auto Finance   May 11th, 2018 

Why Choose Us?


Here at Simple Auto Finance, we know that finding vehicle financing that fits your needs can be a challenge. That’s why we are here to help! Simple Auto Finance can put you into a vehicle that fits your budget even if you have bad credit.



Our Inventory


We carry a great selection of used cars for sale, as well as used trucks, used vans, used SUVs, used sedans and used family crossover vehicles. Even if we don't have what you're looking for in our inventory, we will find it! 



Challenged Credit? We Have Your Back!


Our finance specialists know how to get right-fit financing for real, hard-working people like you. We pair you with a financial specialist so you get that one-on-one attention and the car loan that’s right for you – that makes the Simple Auto Finance difference!

We value your time and aim to make the loan-approval process as quick and easy as possible. Our specialty is finding the financial plan that works – for you.  While others say no, we say yes!


No matter what your credit score is, let us help you today! For more information or to browse our inventory, call (214) 778-1112 or visit our website!

Bad Credit? Let Us Help!   Apr 26th, 2018 

Shopping for a quality used car can be challenging when you have credit issues. Having low or no credit can seriously affect your ability to get traditional financing for an auto purchase. If you are one of the millions of Americans who have issues with your credit, you may want to consider a buy here pay here dealer like Simple Auto Finance.


While many people have heard of buy here, pay here dealers, many may be unsure about exactly what that means. Simply put, buy here, pay here auto dealers are car and truck dealers who take direct payment for the vehicles they sell, rather than go through a third party finance group like a bank or credit union. You make regular payments to the dealer and drive away with the car that you want. Buy here pay here auto dealers are excellent options for people in need of rebuilding their credit scores.

At Simple Auto Finance, we look at your current situation to determine your credit worthiness, not your past. We understand that unfortunate circumstances happen to good people and we don’t judge you for those moments. Life events such as divorce, loss of job, even a family illness or death can result in people falling behind on payments. Those things are beyond your control and you shouldn’t be punished for them. With proof of current employment, you can have the automobile you need today and make the first steps toward leaving the past behind, where it belongs.

Here at Simple Auto Finance, we are committed to providing quality vehicles and working with you, the customer. Because buy here pay here dealerships are not banks, they are not bound by the same rules and regulations regarding lending.

Buying a new-to-you used car from a buy here pay here dealership will also help repair your credit! It is important to know that your good standing is being reported to the all-important credit bureau. At Simple Auto Finance, we report your regular payments to the credit bureau on a regular basis, so each payment you make is more than an investment in your new car, it is an investment in you.

If credit issues have held you back from getting the car you wanted and/or needed, then it’s time you pay a visit to Simple Auto Finance. Get on the road to financial stability today!

Five Things You Need to Have In Your Car For Emergencies   Apr 26th, 2018 

No matter what kind of car you have, you need certain things in case of an emergency. In the unfortunate event that you have an on-road emergency, you need to be properly prepared to handle the situation. Here are five things that every used car should have in its safety kit!


Jumper Cables

Even the most responsible driver can make the mistake of leaving their lights on. Unfortunately, a dead battery will certainly put you in a very compromising situation. Keeping a quality set of jumper cables in the trunk is always a good idea. With the helping hand of a friendly motorist, you will be able jumpstart your vehicle in less than 10 minutes.


You may need a flashlight when you least expect it. A flashlight is a very valuable commodity to have when the darkness of the night begins to set in. Whether you need to change a tire or inspect the engine, the flashlight will be able to provide the necessary illumination. A flashlight will also become an indispensable asset if you are forced to walk for help.

Electrical and Duct Tape

As a testament to the versatility of duct tape, astronauts have even used it to make repairs while in outer space. If you are dealing with a leaking coolant hose or a broken fan belt, the duct tape can be used to make temporary repairs. On the other hand, electrical tape can be used to insulate frayed wires.

Basic Tool Set

A basic tool set will come in handy for making minor repairs. For example, you may be unable to crank your vehicle due to a loose battery terminal. By using a socket wrench, you should be able to re-tighten the connection in no time. Some of the other important tools include pliers, an adjustable wrench, and a multi-bit screwdriver.

Road Flares

If you become stranded on the highway, the road flares can be used to make your vehicle much more visible to the oncoming traffic. The brightness of the road flares will also enable a tow truck to quickly locate your car.

Trucks are trusted by millions of drivers around the world. In fact, some people would never imagine driving a different type of vehicle!

Here at Simple Auto Finance, we believe truck ownership offers a completely different driving experience than anything a small compact or even smaller sub compact car can deliver.

Although we are fans of all vehicle types, we came up with Three Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying a Used Truck! Continue reading to learn more!


Towing capacity (A.K.A torque) goes hand in hand with horsepower. Most trucks made in recent years have the ability to tow objects of 12,000 + pounds!

This amount of power has endless opportunities for you and your family. You will easily be able to take long trips and hook a camper or anything else to the back of your truck. Think of all the memories to be made!


Enhanced safety is a huge benefit of trucks! offers a short list of the Top Pickup Truck Safety Features:

  1. Side Impact Protection
  2. Vehicle Stability Control
  3. Trailer Sway Control
  4. Cab Safety Cage Design
  5. Improved Seatbelt Systems

Better Value

If you’re looking to keep your next vehicle for a long time, you obviously want to choose one that holds its value. Because trucks are bigger and made out of more expensive equipment, they retain their value much longer than a regular car. Plus, if you purchase a used truck instead of a new one- you save money! It’s a win-win situation in the short and long run!


At Simple Auto Finance, we just want to help you find a great quality vehicle you and your family will love and enjoy! If you decide to go the truck route, we have some great quality used trucks in our inventory right now! But if not, that’s okay too!  We offer all makes and models- so we’re sure we have the perfect fit for you!


It’s spring time and you know what that means…Spring cleaning! Here at Simple Auto Finance we want to make sure your vehicle is prepared for the upcoming heat, so this season make sure you don’t overlook your car while you’re tiding up other things!


Taking a few moments each week to perform checks can save you from costly vehicle repairs; it may also save a life. These simple tasks can provide you with a safer ride and may extend the life of your vehicle!


1.Keep Your Fluids Flowing


Fluid levels are key! Check and top off all fluid levels, including engine oil, transmission, cooling system, power steering, brake fluid and washer fluid.  These are what keep your car running, they are are the lifeblood of it! Purchasing high-quality fluids and regularly changing old fluids will improve your car’s performance and reliability.

If your vehicle leaves stains on the driveway or street where you park- you may have an issue! Book an appointment at our service center ASAP so we can fix any issues.


2. Check Your Engine

Overheating, especially in hot weather, is the leading cause of preventable breakdowns and one of the main areas where prevention is much cheaper than the cure.

Trust us, your wallet does not want to replace a fried engine.  If your antifreeze is more than a couple of years old, play it safe and replace it.  Adding a coolant to your radiator also may reduce engine temperature by as much as 30 degrees and help condition seals to prevent leaks.


3. Upgrade Your Oil

Another way to reduce engine heat is to upgrade to high-performance, synthetic motor oil.  Synthetic motor oils reduce engine heat by dispersing the heat faster and having a lower coefficient of friction than mineral-based motor oils.


4. Maintain Your Belts

A worn or loose belt can cause the engine to overheat.  A cracked belt or a hose that is unusually soft or hard needs replacement.  Make sure hose clamps are tight and check the ends for cracks or corrosion.  Extreme heat can often cause leaks and other damage, so keep an eye out for hard, blistered or spongy hoses.  If any of these warning signs are present, replace the hoses immediately.  It is also a good idea to keep spare belts in your trunk.


5. Check Your Tires

All tires should be properly inflated, including the spare tire.  The sidewall of your tire will list its proper pressure level.  Correctly inflated tires increase gas mileage, lengthen tire life and are much less susceptible to blow-outs.


These spring cleaning tips will not only get your ready for the Texas summer, but they will also increase the life of your vehicle! If you're tired of the car you do have, come trade it in! We have an awesome inventory full of great quality used cars! For more information, visit our website or call 214-778-1112 today!

Cars That Will Last For Decades  Mar 20th, 2018 

Have you ever paid off a car loan before and experienced an immense amount of freedom? If you haven’t, let us just say that it is quite an awesome feeling. However, not every vehicle lasts much longer than the pay off date- not every vehicle can go the distance. If you’re looking into purchasing a car soon and plan on keeping it a long time, check out this awesome survey from that breaks down the most popular cars that owners tend to keep for over 15 years!

If you click on that link you will see a data sheet of The Top 15 Cars Owners Keep For 15 Years. To get this data, observed and analyzed over 650,000 used cars from 1981-2002, sold between January through November 2017. For each model, the number of cars sold by the original owner was expressed as a percentage of the total number of cars sold. “Original-owner” cars were bought as new by the owner. The models were then ranked by the original-owner percentage.

As you can see, Toyota pretty much dominates the list with Honda and Acura in close pursuit. This is really not that surprising, as all brands focus on building quality, and efficient cars for an affordable price. Another thing that can be seen from this list is that almost all brands are made by Japanese manufactures- minus the VW Golf. There are no U.S. brands here, though of course some of these models are made in America.

Also, if you haven't worked it out yet, fifteen years ago it was 2003! Yes, it’s crazy to believe 2003 was that long ago… But that also means there are a lot of first-generation Toyota Highlanders, Siennas and Tundras still driving on the roads with the person who bought them new. We think that’s incredibly interesting!

The next time you’re car shopping, remember brand new doesn’t mean everything. If you buy a great quality car like the Toyota Camry or Honda CR-V pre loved, then you’ll be saving money in the long run! Here at Simple Auto Finance, we have almost all the models listed above in our inventory right now! Click here to search our inventory or call 214-778-1112 to schedule an appointment to browse our inventory today!

Why You Should Never Purchase a Brand New Car  Mar 20th, 2018 

Buying a brand new car is not the best financial decision for a number of reasons!  Before you think a car with only 10 miles is the better deal, here are three arguments why you should never buy a new car!



1.You'll Pay a Lot More 


You can purchase a great quality car used! It doesn't have to be brand new and doesn't have to complicate your financial life. Obviously, a new car will be more expensive than an older version of the same car, not only because of the higher sale price, but you'll also pay more in other areas. Brand new cars can have higher insurance premiums than used cars as well.


Here at Simple Auto Finance, we have great quality used cars in our inventory right now! Some of them are only a year or two old! 


2. Depreciation and Negative Equity


Did you know that new cars depreciate a lot faster than used vehicles?  The sad reality is that the average new car can depreciate as much as 19% in its first year! That means if you buy a brand new car without a down payment, or if your monthly loan payment isn't high enough to compensate for depreciation, you could end up owing more than the vehicle is worth.


Are you the type of person who trades in vehicles every two or three years? If so, you need to worry about negative equity!  To put it simply, negative equity can increase the cost of your next vehicle by quite a bit. For example, if the dealership gives you $17,000 for your trade-in, yet you owe $22,000, the $5,000 difference doesn't just go away.  You have to pay it when the dealer tacks the negative equity onto your next car loan. So instead of a sale price of $25,000 for your next vehicle, you end up financing $30,000.


On the other hand, if you skip the brand new car and buy a vehicle that's one or two years old, you'll be able to get the car at a price that's more comparable to its actual value, and possibly avoid an upside-down loan.


3. More for the Money


Since cars depreciate rapidly within the first year, buying used is an opportunity to get more for less!


For example, most vehicles do not change much in one year- so you could save thousands of dollars if you purchased a used one! As stated above,  here at Simple Auto Finance, we have great quality vehicles that are in perfect condition! It’s like buying a brand new car, without the brand new price tag.


In summary, buying used is the way to go! It saves you money in the present and future, and is also the most practical method. To browse our inventory click here or call 214-778-1112 today!

Improve Your Credit Score With Simple Auto  Feb 27th, 2018 

Cash is slowly becoming a thing of the past. We live in a world of credit, and maintaining a good credit score can mean the difference between having the necessities of life and struggling to get by. There are many factors that contribute to your credit score and trying to understand them all can be a daunting task. One thing is for certain, if you are one of the many people with a credit score that is considered poor or if you have no credit history to speak of, it is time to get back on track.

At Simple Auto, we are dedicated to helping people fix their damaged credit histories. Because we are so committed to credit maintenance and repair, we have compiled some quick tips on how to get a less than perfect credit score back on track.


Pay Off as Much Debt as Possible

The most obvious tip is to pay off as much outstanding debt as possible without adding new charges. Outstanding balances can bring a credit score down. While paying off your debt in one big swoop may be unrealistic, increasing your monthly payment even by just a few dollars can make a significant difference.

Avoid Closing Unused Accounts

Avoid closing unused accounts. Getting rid of old accounts might make you less likely to use credit, and it also wipes out part of your credit history. People with little or no credit history will face the same challenges as those people with poor credit.

Check your Credit Score

Keep an eye on your credit report. Everyone makes mistakes – even the credit bureaus! There may be inaccurate information on your credit report that is contributing to a low score. Each of the main credit bureaus maintains a dispute department. Credit Karma is a great website that allows you to check your credit score without lowering it!


 Create a Budget

Create a personal budget and stick to it. Being disciplined with your finances will help avoid the pitfalls that helped lower your credit score to begin with.


These tips are just a few things you can do to help improve your credit score.

Establishing new credit so that you can re-establish a solid payment history can be hard with a tainted credit score. This is where we can help the most!

We help people with little or no credit get into quality used automobiles regardless of their history. When you purchase a vehicle from us, you not only get a reliable vehicle but you take the first steps in showing a positive payment history. Working with the professionals at Simple Auto is a double win situation! Get back on track to financial security with one of our used cars.



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