Top 8 Consequences of Bad Driving for Your Teen Driver

by Bobby Gruner - Posted 2 years ago

Top 8 Consequences of Bad Driving for Your Teen Driver

Bad driving can result in a wide range of immediate negative consequences for your teen ranging from traffic citations, to jail time, or even injury or death. Prepare your teen for the road by telling them the following repercussions of bad driving.

1: Increased Auto Insurance Rates

Even the most minor driving violations can cause your insurance rates to jump as much as 20%!  A DUI can cause a 300% increase. The increase will most likely last for decades.

If you have multiple infractions, your insurance agency may even decide to drop you.

2: License Suspension

Some more serious offenses could cause your license to be suspended, which impairs your freedom and ability to get to school or work. Typically, you would have to rely on others for rides for around 6 months.

3: Criminal Record

Violations like DUI's or street racing can lead to an arrest, which is a permanent scar on your record. Every time you have a job interview or an event that requires a background check, you would have to mention it. This could significantly limit future opportunities.

4: Professional Challenges

Some driving infractions will prevent you from certain types of jobs.  Any job that involves driving will require a background check on your record. Serious infractions will immediately exclude you as a candidate.

5: Education

If you dreamed of being a doctor or a lawyer, you may have to choose a new career goal. Certain colleges and universities, as well as law school and medical school programs, will not accept anyone who has a DUI on their record.

6: Residential Challenges

Many landlords or leasing companies require background checks prior to renting to tenants. If you have something negative on your record you may not be able to rent a good property. This could force you to live in an unsafe area or somewhere that is further away from friends, work or school.

7: Civil Suits

If you cause harm to another driver, not only are you legally responsible, but you are also financially responsible.  Civil suits filed against you could cost you thousands of dollars to defend, not to mention fines. This could cause you or your parents to go into serious debt, which could also lead to financial strain and severely limit future opportunities, like going to college.  

8: Psychological Damages

The psychological effects of a car accident can be as traumatic or even more traumatic than physical injuries and the emotional effects can have a significant impact on your daily life. Many drivers, passengers, and even witnesses can experience a strong and serious psychological response to a wreck.

Some of these responses can include:

·            Shock

·            Anger

·            Guilt

·            Anxiety

·            Depression

·            PTSD

·            Insomnia

·            Stress

·            Loss of Goals

Make sure to have a conversation with your teenage driver about the dangers of bad or distracted driving! If you have already had a conversation with your child, share your best advice below. We would love to know!