Issue: Engine Overheating

Modern vehicles many times have an integrated cooling system. This means the radiator is cooling down more than just the engine. Therefore, the severity of an overheating issue is escalated when compared to what previous generations had to understand. Before you call the customer care representative at Simple Auto Finance please check a few items first:
  • Is the coolant level correct?
  • When looking at the hoses do you notice any coolant leaking out of the hoses?

Issue: Check Engine Light

You always need to take notice when a vehicle warning light turns on. Here are a few items to check before you call Simple Auto Finance.
  • Gas cap — If you have recently put fuel in the vehicle please check the gas cap for proper installation. May times if in a hurry the gas cap may get left off or not properly tightened. Simply take the gas cap off as if you were refueling the vehicle and reinstall. If this was the issue then the check engine light should no longer be on.
  • Oil level — If the check oil light turns on between oil changes you will need to check your engine oil level using the dip stick in the engine compartment (“Note: There is more than one ‘Dip Stick’ in the engine compartment.”). If you are unsure how to check your engine oil level, check the owners manual or call Simple Auto Finance to schedule a visit to the customer care center.

Issue: Vehicle Steering and Handling

If you notice your vehicle not handling properly at speed. Give Simple Auto Finance a call so they can check out the vehicle to ensure there are no major issues that can cause increased wear on the tires.



If you have an unexpected breakdown and you are in need of a tow truck:

CALL: 214-778-1113

Your vehicle will be towed to the Simple Auto Finance repair facility.  The following steps will be taken:
  • The vehicle will be evaluated to determine the cause of the breakdown.
  • A customer representative will call you and discuss in detail the cause of the vehicle breakdown.  During this call, an estimate of the vehicle repairs and a proposed plan of action will be discussed with you. (If you are in need of financial assistance please let the customer representative know your situation so they can contact Carisma Financial Corporation with those factors to be included in the proposed action plan.)
  • Upon acceptance of a mutually agreed upon action plan, the parts will be ordered at the Dad’s Garage Service Center.
  • Once the parts arrive at Dad’s Garage, a technician will install the replacement parts on the vehicle.
  • Your vehicle will be taken for a test drive to ensure the parts have been installed and working properly.
  • A customer care representative will call you and discuss the final bill and delivery of the vehicle back to you.


Now that you have purchased your new ride, it’s time to think about how to take care of it. An effective vehicle maintenance plan will reduce the total cost of ownership. Here are some easy tips for keeping your car running for a long time:
  • Oil Change
  • Replace filter
  • Follow manufacturer recommended tune-up schedule
*Review the manufacturer recommended maintenance schedule in the vehicle owners manual for specific vehicle requirements.